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Amber Floors Maintenance are full members of The Junckers Approved Maintenance Contractor Scheme and Junckers, Europe’s leading manufacturer of solid hardwood flooring, now offer an extended 10 year warranty to your existing Junckers floor under the JunckersCare scheme.

Why have the Junckers Approved Maintenance Contractor Scheme?

This innovative new concept was developed by Junckers Ltd in response to a growing number of requests from customers for professional flooring contractors whose work is of such high quality and reliablility that it can be guaranteed.

To qualify for the extended 10 year warranty, we ask that you enter into an agreement with Amber Floors Maintenance Ltd to carry out the long term maintenance work. This agreement is based on the the following schedule of works which we will price accordingly:

  • 6 month inspection and deep cleaning using Junckers Neutraliser and Cleaner to prevent the floor becoming slippery;
  • Every 12 to 18 months screen mesh abrade the surface and apply 1 coat of the most suitable Junckers polyurethane seal. This will prolong the life of any line markings;
  • Every 7 to 10 years carry out minor surface repairs and sand the floor back to bare wood before applying a suitable Junckers 3 to 4 coat polyurethane sealing system. Line markings to be re applied between the last 2 coats of seal.

What does this mean for you?

Reassurance and total peace of mind in the care of your flooring.

We are very keen to ensure that your Junckers floor remains in both a good serviceable condition and maintains its beautiful finish. This is not only for aesthetic reasons but for heatlh and safety ones too.

As long as the above schedule of works is followed, Junckers undertakes the full warranty for the manufacture and performance of the Junckers floor, and associated undercarriage floor system for 10 years from the date of the refurbishment.

Junckers warrant that with the product specifications and instructions in force at the time of delivery and installation and in accordance with the design information given to Junckers Ltd, that the floor has sufficient strength and durability to resist common loads for a further 10 years.

How are members selected?

Every single member has been carefully chosen for the quality of their workmanship, technical knowledge and experience, loyalty, reliability, financial status and above all excellent customer service.

The Code of Practice — for more than just a good job

Every member has signed a binding agreement with Junckers to abide by a code of practice, set out to ensure that the highest standards are maintained and met in every aspect of their business practice. In other words in addition to quality workmanship, you can be sure that all members will give you a fair and competive price, will be honest in their dealings with you, will carry adequate insurance cover, will respect your building, and will comply with any relevant health and safety or building regulations.

Junckers is confident that you will be more than satisfied with the work of Amber Floors Maintenance Ltd, which is why we are approving and recommending them.

Please also feel free to contact us directly at Junckers Ltd regarding the maintenance or any other aspects of the floor.

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